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In today’s digital world, ensuring security is crucial for success. The constant developments within cyber security highlight just how important this is. More and more companies and institutions are realising the urgency of hardening their IT security posture.

Tap into our years of experience on a global scale and step up your cyber security today!

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Our services are offered with an emphasis on quality and trust. We rely on stable business relations and long-term cooperation. We are constantly expanding our partner network and building new partnerships throughout the European region.

Join successful and innovative companies that value both a comprehensive and personal approach in securing sensitive data of employees and customers.

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Remediata provides cybersecurity consulting services. Most frequently, penetration testing, attack simulations (i.e. Red Teaming), configuration audit and source code analysis. These services help to protect the sensitive data of your employees and customers more efficiently.

Improving overall security helps to prevent financial and reputational losses. Increase the cyber security of your company today. Join the successful and innovative companies within our partner network.