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Digital Forensics

Digital tools are essential for a functioning organisation in the modern era. The digital space is used for almost everything, from corporate communication, to data storage and processing, to the delivery of services to customers.

However, digitisation brings new risks in the form of cyber-attacks. Organisations are obliged to address these threats for the purpose of reputational, economic, and legal protection.

Utilise Remediata’s digital forensic analysis services. Find out if there has been a cyber-attack or data breach through your employees.

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Penetračné testovanie bezdrôtovej siete | Wi-Fi pentesting | Remediata

Acquisition and analysis of digital trace data

Our forensics team analyses all standard devices, such as workstations, servers, mobile phones, tablets, satellite navigation, camera systems, external media or your cloud infrastructure.

Acquisition and analysis of digital trace data helps to comply with the rules of internationally recognised methodologies and procedures, which are judicially recognised internationally.

The resulting analysis is documented in a form of a report, which can be used in court as a form of legal basis.

Digital forensic analysis

Digital forensic analysis

Acquisition of digital trace and data

Data recovery

Data retention

Management preparation

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Our solutions help prevent unexpected and often significant financial losses caused by security threats. Protect your reputation and the confidential data of your employees and clients. Contact us. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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    The result of an engagement with Remediata is a standardised report based on international guidelines. The report will include a management summary, the scope of testing and a list of findings with a specifically calculated risk (using CVSS 4.0). The findings are further divided into technical details, which include description, risk description, remediation and steps to replicate.

    Key features

    Network Security Level

    Pre- Shared Key Security

    Authentication Attacks

    WPS devices

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    Your trust is the ultimate goal for us. We have a sincere interest in finding all the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of your security system.


    We have many years of international experience in the field of information technologies and cyber security.


    Our company constantly research the needs and requirements of the market and innovate our services. Our partners appreciate effectiveness and quality of deliverables.


    Our services are available for everyone who is looking for a reliable business partner for a long-term and stable cooperation.

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    Increase your cyber security. Book our services today.

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    Our services are offered with an emphasis on quality and trust. We rely on stable business relations and long-term cooperation. We are constantly expanding our partner network and building new partnerships throughout the European region.

    Join successful and innovative companies that value both a comprehensive and personal approach in securing sensitive data of employees and customers.

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    Ako dlho trvá penetračné testovanie?

    Penetračné testovanie najčastejšie trvá tri až desať dní. V prípade, že sa jedná o väčší a komplexnejší projekt, rozsah testovacích dní je väčší.

    Čo všetko od nás potrebujete na naplánovanie penetračného testovania?

    Pre naplánovanie penetračného testu si potrebujeme dohodnúť konzultáciu, na ktorej si zadefinujeme typ a rozsah testu, plán priebehu, komunikačný scenár a špecifické požiadavky. Preberieme tiež technické detaily, ako sú testovacie parametre a prípadné obmedzenia.

    Koľko stojí penetračné testovanie?

    Cena penetračného testu sa vždy odvíja od rozsahu a zložitosti konkrétneho projektu.

    Ako sa máme pripraviť na penetračné testovanie?

    V Remediate sa vždy snažíme naplánovať penetračné testy čo najefektívnejšie. Vaša spokojnosť je pre nás na prvom mieste.