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Infrastructure penetration testing

Penetration testing of your company’s infrastructure serves to determine the current security posture and suggest improvements. The infrastructure of every company changes regularly. Addition of new servers, users, connections and authentication methods increase the risk of potential attacks. Remediata will identify, prioritise and guide remediation for vulnerabilities to enable the education of employees to reduce attack surface in the future.

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Internal infrastructure penetration test

An internal infrastructure penetration test focuses on an internal network that is not directly accessible from the Internet. It simulates an attacker that has gained access to the internal network (for example, a disgruntled employee or via malware in an email attachment).

The test is carried out remotely using a VPN or directly at your company’s facility. Consultants should be provided with an account of a standard user within the domain, to realistically simulate an attack by an internal user or malware launched on a regular user station. A portion of the internal penetration test is the analysis of the Active Directory (AD) configuration including attempts to exploit known vulnerabilities.

External infrastructure penetration test

Penetration testing of external infrastructure simulates a malicious attacker from the Internet. External testing tests network perimeter security and identifies vulnerabilities in other client systems that are accessible from the Internet. The scope of the test can be precisely defined by the client (for example, the IP range) or via analysis of OpenSource Intelligence – (OSINT).

Penetration test Active Directory

The significance of the Active Directory penetration test lies in the addition of additional authentication methods. It not only increases security, but also helps prevent unpleasant financial and reputational losses.

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Penetration testing helps prevent unexpected and often significant financial losses caused by security threats. Protect your reputation and the confidential data of your employees and customers. Contact us for more information.

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    The result of an engagement with Remediata is a standardised report based on international guidelines. The report will include a management summary, the scope of testing and a list of findings with a specifically calculated risk (using CVSS 4.0). The findings are further divided into technical details, which include description, risk description, remediation and steps to replicate.

    Most common vulnerabilities

    Misconfigured security Devices and Firewalls

    Weak Autentication Mechanisms

    Unpatched Software

    Innadequate Logging and Monitoring

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    How long does penetration testing take?

    The length of an engagement is dependent on the scope. The average length of a Remediata penetration test is between three to ten days.

    What is needed from us to plan the penetration testing?

    To plan a penetration test, we need to arrange a consultation where the type and scope of the test are defined along with a progress plan, communication scenario and specific requirements. We will also discuss technical details such as test parameters and any limitations.

    How much does penetration testing cost?

    The price of a penetration test is dictated by the scope and complexity of the specific project.

    How should we prepare for penetration testing?

    At Remediata, we always try to plan penetration tests as efficiently as possible. We will send prerequisites at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the engagement.