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Cyber security specialists

We deliver high quality cyber security assessments globally.

Leverage our many years of experience to contribute to the prevention of cyber attacks, security strengthening and ensuring increased protection of your company.

Brand Pillars

International experiences

We have many years of international experience hardening the security posture of corporate security.

A team of experts and specialists

We have executed 100’s of successful security audits and helped countless organizations secure their infrastructure internationally.

Quality cybersecurity certificates

We hold prestigious international certifications in the field of information technology and cyber security.

Open and direct communication

We sincerely care about sustainable business, security and protection of sensitive data of your company and its customers.

 “Meet our experts, for whom the protection of personal data of your employees and customers comes first.”

Our certificates


Our main vision at Remediata is to expand society’s awareness of cyber security. We wish to contribute to the formation of new recommendations and standards that would lead to a more secure and safer life for residents throughout the world. We constantly try to point out the importance of prevention, hardening security and ensuring increased protection for both customers and employees.

Increasing security measures for companies and institutions not only saves time and money but also plays a crucial role in preserving their reputation and credibility among customers and the wider public.



Your trust is the ultimate goal for us. We have a sincere interest in finding all the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of your security system.


Leverage our many years of information technology and cyber security experience.


Our company constantly researches the needs and requirements of the market and innovates our services. Our partners appreciate the effectiveness and quality of our deliverables.


Our services are available for any company looking for a reliable business partner for a long-term, stable partnership.

Could your company withstand a malicious attack? Use the services of internationally certified experts for offensive security. Remediata is here to assist the protection of your organisation. Contact us to find out more.

Our partners

Our services are offered with an emphasis on quality and trust. We rely on stable business relations and long-term cooperation. We are constantly expanding our partner network and building new partnerships throughout the European region.

Join successful and innovative companies that value both a comprehensive and personal approach in securing sensitive data of employees and customers.

Social responsibility

Following current trends and consistent education about cyber security are important elements of our social responsibility. This enables us to spread awareness about cyber security, ethical hacking and the importance of prevention among businesses, institutions and the general public.

Our services and communication are always based on strict ethical principles and consistent company values, including professionalism, quality, stability and fairness. We believe that mutually beneficial cooperation based on a trusting, fair-play approach and open communication leads to positive changes in society.